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Tree & Shrub Service

Shaping,Thinning, and trimming

Tree Removal

(stump or no stump)



Shaping, Thinning,
and Trimming

Tree/Shrub Shaping, Thinning, and Trimming is one of our most requested services. Whether you're looking for full scale tree shaping or simple bush thinning, 123 Property Services is right for you. With calculated thinning , precision trimming and skillful shaping, 123 Property Services has the skills you need, to get your tree/shrubs blossoming with style.  

Tree Removal (Stump or no Stump)

Big trees, small trees, tall trees, "We cut all trees." Here 123 Property Services we offer superior full scale tree removal to both commercial and residential clients. When it comes to trees, safety is our number one concern. With state of the art equipment and strategic cutting practices, 123 property services will have your yard looking brand new.

Micro-nutrient Fertilization

The process of fertilization starts with the application of the liquid micro-nutrients to the soil. There the nutrients are absorbed by the roots of the tree or shrub, to provide health and added protection against tree harming species. 

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